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Everyone Should Change Their Helmet After Years of Use.

Why Replace Your Helmet?

Your helmet is a critical piece of safety equipment, so it's important to regularly assess its condition and replace it when necessary to ensure optimal protection.

Manufacturer's typically recommend replacing helmets every 3-5 years; but there are several reasons why you should replace your helmet:

When To Replace Your Helmet

  1. Damage: If your helmet has been involved in a crash or suffered a significant impact, it may have structural damage that compromises its effectiveness.

  2. Age: Helmets have a limited lifespan due to wear and tear, exposure to sunlight, and the degradation of materials over time.

  3. Fit: An ill-fitting helmet may not provide adequate protection in case of an accident.

  4. Safety Standards: Over time, safety standards for helmets may evolve, and new technologies and features are introduced to enhance protection. 

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