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The AL 464 P Track features a high-end 6061 aluminum frame that's both stiff and lightweight, to take you anywhere at speed. From work to the wildest crits, the drilled fork and rear bridge offer the option of adding brakes for ultimate versatility. Choose between fixed gear, single-speed, or even reverse pedal, with the emblematic LOOK design as a bonus. Available in a design that perfectly blends classic black and LOOK Mondrian, it features a 100% carbon, Made by LOOK seatpost.
If you don't feel like making waves, the 765 GRAVEL is the bike for you. From the road to the trail, this carbon frame guarantees an exceptional ride. Combined with carefully-selected components, such as the 105 groupset and Shimano RS wheels, the deep black paintwork finishes off what is a down-to-earth, highly-efficient ride. Barely exceeding 9kg, this is a light and responsive bike to take you wherever you wish to go. Enjoy the 100% carbon, Made by LOOK frame and fork: the guarantee of a reliable, high-performance base. The 700x38 tires on Shimano RS 170 wheels combined with Shimano disc brakes leave no room for hesitation, even on technical sections.
Do you dream of your perfect gravel bike? The high modulus carbon 765 GRAVEL RS frameset is the perfect base for the ultimate custom ride to take on your next off-road adventures. The 765 GRAVEL RS is the child prodigy that, from a very young age, has benefitted from all of LOOK's expertise! Its secret ambition is to become the master of the garage, as it ultimately wants to replace every other bike. This bike is ultra-versatile. Within the wider GRAVEL family, there are 3 subsets emerging: racing, ultra-endurance, and travel. The ability to make use of off-road trails constitutes an infinite extension of its playing field. Thanks to the internet and the community effect, planning an impromptu weekend trip is quick and easy. Itineraries are discussed, designed, and shared. The light and sturdy 765 GRAVEL RS bike is a genuine innovation when it comes to pushing your limits and experiencing adventure! Cycling needs to reinvent itself, to open itself up to new possibilities. Those who practice the sport need to be surprised, to experience a change of scenery, and most of all, to be challenged both physically and mentally.
$3,360.00 - $4,200.00 $4,200.00 Up to 20% Off
The 795 BLADE RS is considered one of the best high-end road racing bikes among competitive riders. The 795 Blade takes all of the characteristics of the RS and bundles them into a package that's attainable by more people. The 795 Blade utilizes the same mold and maintains all the same features of its older sibling but utilizes a different carbon layup to offer a price-conscious frame that's packed with the same aerodynamic benefits as the RS. The result is a bike that packs a performance punch without the painful punch to your wallet. This efficient and versatile aero bike combines the best of LOOK carbon fiber engineering with the best of Shimano groupsets.
$3,640.00 $5,200.00 30% Off
A carbon frame endurance bike with upper mid-range components and hydraulic disc brakes.
$4,550.00 $6,500.00 30% Off
A great handling race bike that delivers an excellent balance of comfort and stiffness.
$5,110.00 $7,300.00 30% Off
Our most accomplished frame combined with the latest in wireless shifting: meet the 795 Blade Interference. An aero frame mounted with SRAM Rival AXS components, a 12-speed groupset offering fluid shifting and an innovative gearing range. With a 48x35 crankset and 10x30 cassette, this machine is ready to tackle any route profile. The build is highlighted by an aggressive, metallic red design and touches of subtle mat black. A bike that will bring out the racer in you.
$7,700.00 $11,000.00 30% Off
The Look 795 Blade RS combines the speed of an aero bike with the comfort and versatility of a more endurance-oriented road bike. This frame gives you the base to build the aero bike of your dreams with stiffness that translates to pure power and comfortable geometry.
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