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Road Frames

LOOK 875 Madison RS Frameset
The 875 MADISON RS frame was designed in collaboration with the French Cycling Federation as a highly efficient track machine. The frame and fork are made of different types of carbon, strategically combined to create an extremely stiff and lightweight unit. The race-oriented geometry ensures you are always optimally positioned for performance.
LOOK 875 Madison RS Team LOOK Crit Limited Edition Frameset
The 875 MADISON RS is designed to be as efficient on the road as on the track, and our LOOK CRIT TEAM will not tell you otherwise. Thanks to the brake-ready fork and rear bridge, you can safely cruise the city streets on your fixed gear or single-speed machine. A twist of an Allen key is enough to remove the brakes and hit the boards of the velodrome. Representing the versatility and performance of the LOOK brand, this limited-edition does nothing more and nothing less than invite you to imitate our CRIT team.
LOOK 765 Gravel RS Frameset
Do you dream of your perfect gravel bike? The high modulus carbon 765 GRAVEL RS frameset is the perfect base for the ultimate custom ride to take on your next off-road adventures. The 765 GRAVEL RS is the child prodigy that, from a very young age, has benefitted from all of LOOK's expertise! Its secret ambition is to become the master of the garage, as it ultimately wants to replace every other bike. This bike is ultra-versatile. Within the wider GRAVEL family, there are 3 subsets emerging: racing, ultra-endurance, and travel. The ability to make use of off-road trails constitutes an infinite extension of its playing field. Thanks to the internet and the community effect, planning an impromptu weekend trip is quick and easy. Itineraries are discussed, designed, and shared. The light and sturdy 765 GRAVEL RS bike is a genuine innovation when it comes to pushing your limits and experiencing adventure! Cycling needs to reinvent itself, to open itself up to new possibilities. Those who practice the sport need to be surprised, to experience a change of scenery, and most of all, to be challenged both physically and mentally.
LOOK 785 Huez RS Disc Frameset
The 785 HUEZ RS DISC frameset is the perfect base for your future custom bike. This Very High Modulus carbon fiber model allows you to mount a mechanical or electronic groupset with flat-mount disc brakes. The 785 HUEZ RS utilizes an elegant, well-thought-out design to create a frame that is incredibly lightweight and efficient, from the high mountains to the windswept plains. The LOOK designers and engineers wanted, above all, to make the bike as light as possible, with optimal handling and a focus on pedaling efficiency. It's been designed with tube shapes that strike a balance between ride comfort and efficient transfer of power from the pedals to the rear wheel. The efficiency and comfort found in the frame do not come at the expense of extra weight, making it possible to build a bike under 5.9 kg.
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