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Cadence Rewards Club FAQ's


How much does Cadence Cyclery Rewards cost?
To take part in our reward program, there is an annual due of $10. However, if you purchase a bike (over $500) with us, you are given a one year membership for free!

I am apart of Team Cadence Cyclery, can I use Cadence Cyclery Rewards too?
Unfortunately not, the reward program is not available for team or club members at this time.

How do I earn points with Cadence Cyclery Rewards?
You earn 1 point for every $1 you spend at Cadence Cyclery or Giant Lakeside. However, points are not earned on purchases of any type of bicycle.

Do my points expire? 
No. Your points are held in your account and do not have a set expiration date. However, they do reset after being used. 

Do I earn points when I make purchases online?
No. You can not currently earn points when making an online purchase, but we are always working to add new features!

What are bonus points?
Bonus points are additional points added to your account based on a purchase you made, these are promoted on social media and are sent out in emails when available.

How can I earn bonus points?
Bonus points are earned when there is a promotional on a product or brand that offers additional points on each dollar that is spent. Bonus points can range from 2x up to 10x depending on the special being ran.

Do I earn points at all locations?
Points can be earned at Cadence Cyclery of McKinney, Cadence Cyclery of Highland Village, and Giant of Lakeside. 

If I shop at multiple locations, do they all add up or are points held at each location individually?
Points are added up in your account, so no matter what store you shop at, all points are combined!


How do I redeem rewards with Cadence Cyclery Rewards?
You can redeem your rewards when checking out, simply let the associate checking you out know that you would like to redeem a reward you have.

How do I know I have a reward to redeem?
You are emailed after each purchase you make with updated reward options, as well as on the first of each month. Alternatively, when checking out the sales associate can look and see. 

Where can I redeem my rewards?
You can redeem a reward at any of our locations.

Can I redeem rewards when making a purchase online?
No, you can not redeem a reward online. However we are always working on new things!

Do rewards expire? 
Rewards do not expire, but do change based off of how many points are in your account.

Can someone else use my reward?
You are the only person who can redeem a reward unless you specifically tell us that someone else has access to your account and is allowed to redeem rewards on your behalf. Otherwise, rewards can not be redeemed or transferred to other accounts.
If you have additional questions that you do not see here, please send us your question here!
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